Examination timetable - Department of Physics

Courses are normally finished by a written examination. The examination schedule for the current academic year, including resit examinations, is found below.

As only advanced level courses are given in English, the English examination timetable here only shows examinations for these courses. For the complete examination schedule, see the corresponding page in Swedish.

Please notice that registration in advance is required for all examinations. This can be done via our web form.

Week 16, 2024
Fri19 April08:00-13:00FR4Kand1FK3014, Classical PhysicsElektromagnetism  
Week 20, 2024
Fri17 May09:00-14:00MSFMSFFK8037, Physics of Nuclear Medicine   
Week 22, 2024
Mon27 May08:00-13:00FA32Kand2FK5021, Experimental Physics   
  08:00-13:00FA32MasterFK7063, Physical Measuring Techniques   
Wed29 May08:00-13:00FA32MasterFK7053, Superconductivity   
Thu30 May08:00-13:00FA32Kand2FK5033, Quantum Mechanics, distance learning  *
  08:00-13:00FA32Kand2FK5020, Quantum Mechanics   
  08:00-13:00FA32MasterFK7055, Accelerator Physics   
Fri31 May10:30-16:00MSFMSFFK8038, The Professional Role of a Medical Physicist   
  08:00-13:00FR4Kand1FK3014, Classical PhysicsVågrörelselära och optik  
Week 23, 2024
Mon3 June10:00-15:00MSFMSFFK5029, Interaction of Ionizing Radiation with Matter  *
  10:00-15:00MSFMSFFK5029, Interaction of Ionizing Radiation with Matter  *
Sat8 June10:00-15:00FP22OtherFK2003, Fundamental Quantum Physics  *
  10:00-15:00FP22OtherFK2010, Natural Science for Upper Secondary School Teachers - Physics  *
Week 24, 2024
Mon10 June08:00-13:00FP22MasterFK7069, Fluid mechanics and soft matter  *
  08:00-13:00FP22OtherFK2009, Elementary Electronics  *
  08:00-13:00FP22Kand1FK3014, Classical PhysicsTermodynamik *
  08:00-13:00FP22MasterFK7050, Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics  *
  08:00-13:00FP22MasterFK7060, Condensed Matter Physics  *
Tue11 June08:00-13:00FP22Kand2FK4026, Programming, Numerical Methods and Statistics for PhysicistsNumeriska metoder inom fysiken *
  08:00-13:00FP22Kand3FK5025, Statistical Mechanics and Condensed Matter  *
  08:00-13:00FP22MasterFK7049, Analytical Mechanics  *
  08:00-13:00FP22MasterFK7058, Statistical Physics  *
Wed12 June08:00-13:00FP22MSFFK5031, Radiation Dosimetry  *
  08:00-13:00FP22MSFFK7065, Basic Radiobiology  *
  08:00-13:00FP22Kand1FK3014, Classical PhysicsMekanik II *
  08:00-13:00FP22MasterFK7059, Quantum Chemistry  *
  08:00-13:00FP22MasterFK8027, Quantum Field Theory  *
Thu13 June08:00-13:00FP22MasterFK7061, Statistical Methods in Physics  *
  08:00-13:00FP22MasterFK8028, Simulation Methods in Statistical Physics  *
  10:00-15:00MSFMSFFK5028, Radiation Sources with Medical Applications  *
  10:00-15:00MSFMSFFK3015,   *
  10:00-15:00MSFMSFFK3016, Introduction to Anatomy, Physiology and Oncology for international students  *
  10:00-15:00MSFMSFFK8032, Magnetic Resonance Imaging  *
  08:00-13:00FP22Kand2FK5019, Electromagnetism and waves   *
  08:00-13:00FP22Kand3FK5027, Advanced Quantum Mechanics  *
Fri14 June08:00-13:00FP22Kand1FK3014, Classical PhysicsElektromagnetism *
  08:00-13:00FP22MSFFK5030, Radiation Detectors and Measuring Methods  *
  08:00-13:00FP22MasterFK7068, Machine Learning for Physicists and Astronomers  *
  09:00-14:00MSFMSFFK8037, Physics of Nuclear Medicine  *
  08:00-13:00FP22MasterFK7051, Nuclear Physics  *
  09:00-14:00MSFMSFFK7064, Image and System Analysis  *
Week 35, 2024
Fri30 August09:00-14:00MSFMSFFK8037, Physics of Nuclear Medicine  *


A2Hörsal 2 i hus A, södra husen, Frescati
AlbaNTenta i Alba Nova
AnnanAnnan examinationsform. Kontakta kursansvarig lärare.
BrunnBrunnsvikssalen plan 5 mellan hus A och B, södra husen, Frescati
CCKCancer Centrum Karolinska
FA31Lektionssal FA31, plan 3 AlbaNova
FA32Lektionssal FA32, plan 3 AlbaNova
FB41Lektionssal FB41, plan 4 AlbaNova
FB42Lektionssal FB42, plan 4 AlbaNova
FB51FB51, Lektionssal AlbaNova
FB52Lektionssal FB52, plan 5 AlbaNova
FB53Lektionssal FB53, plan 5 AlbaNova
FB54Lektionssal FB54, plan 5 AlbaNova
FC61Sal FC61, AlbaNova plan 6 Astronomi
FD5FD5: The Svedberg-salen, plan 5 AlbaNova
FP21Lektionssal FP21, Roslagstullsbacken 33 (Hus 1)
FP22Lektionssal FP22, Roslagstullsbacken 33 (Hus 1)
FP41Lektionssal FP41, Roslagstullsbacken 33 (Hus 1)
FR4FR4: Oskar Klein-auditoriet, plan 4 AlbaNova
HemHome examination
JonKJonkammaren, KS Solna, Hus Z5, plan U1
LaduLaduvikssalen plan 6 ovanför Universitetsbiblioteket, Frescati
MSFTenta i MSF
MSFBMSF Biblioteket, KS Solna, Hus P9, plan 2
TFTargetForum, KS Solna, Hus P8, plan 0
UgglUgglevikssalen plan 5 vid hus E, södra husen, Frescati
VartVärtasalen plan 6 ovanför Universitetbiblioteket, Frescati
XXStill to be decided