Welcome the new director!

After eight years of existence, the Oskar Klein Centre of cosmoparticle physics ranks among the most dynamic and successful European research centres in the field. We are proud for having hosted outstanding postdocs and recruited world leading researchers.
Today, a new chapter in the OKC success story is about to unfold: it is time for me to pass on the baton to Hiranya Peiris, as she starts her journey as the new director of the centre.

Foto credits Max Alexander
Foto credits Max Alexander

Hiranya Peiris is an internationally recognised cosmologist working in both theory and observation. She studied at Cambridge University and got her PhD from Princeton University in 2003. She was a Hubble Fellow at the University of Chicago from 2004–2007. She then moved back to Cambridge as a STFC Halliday Fellow, and began a faculty position at UCL in 2009, where she is now Professor of Astrophysics. Her research aims to test fundamental physics using large cosmological datasets, including the cosmic microwave background and galaxy surveys, using an interdisciplinary approach combining observations, theoretical physics, and advanced statistical methods. In addition to supporting the many existing strengths of the OKC in cosmoparticle physics, she hopes to create new initiatives in observational cosmology, transient and gravitational wave astronomy, and the interdisciplinary interface with data science.

On behalf of all of us at OKC and the Department of Physics at SU, I want to express Hiranya our best wishes for the future.

I hope she will enjoy the friendly and creative atmosphere in Stockholm. Hiranya is well suited for leading the centre to new scientific heights. Welcome!

– Ariel Goobar, outgoing director

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