Thinking outside the box

Have you ever wanted to have a thinking cap?
Really! I sometimes wish I had one helping me out of my fixed thoughts. Unless you know Allan Snyder, director of the University of Sydney’s Centre for the Mind, who has just invented one, you need to get thinking outside the box using some other techniques.
How often do you get stuck in your research and feel like you need new ideas to get back on track again?
Science and creativity is not an oxymoron.
Indeed good scientific achievements are often the results of a vision that other people missed to see.

But what is creativity?

A creative person does things that no one has done before. This includes discoveries, new inventions as well as developments in arts.
Intelligent people are not necessarily creative, nor people with academic degrees are necessarily creative (or intelligent, for what matters…no offense, I am not talking about you of course).
If you have doubts about this have a look at what Sir Ken Robinson says about education and creativity:

Does this mean that in order to be creative we need to think more like kids in kindergarden?
How can an intelligent person with an academic degree boost his creativity to think outside the box and become a better scientist?

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