The OKC Day

This spring’s Oskar Klein Centre day took place in beautiful surroundings yesterday (Monday, May 30th), at Villa Källhagen – a nice conference centre in Djurgården near the water. As is now customary in these general OKC meetings, first a summary of the activities of the working groups was done, with slide presentations by Jonas Enander (Dark Energy), Christoph Clement (Dark Matter), Elena Moretti and Josefin Larsson (Extreme Objects) and Rachel Rosen (Fundamental Theory). Although the working group for Structure formation was left without slides due to a late cancellation, Lucia Gaita and Kanan Datta made a very good, unprepared presentation of their activities.

After this very good summary of achievements during the last semester, it was time for a new activity  – brainstorming – on the initiative of OKC’s Communication Manager, Serena Nobili. We had two topics to discuss very freely about, namely the working group structure and possible future projects of suitable size and scope for OKC. Just when this session was about to start – after delicious lunch at Källhagen – weather changed from being windy and rather cold to being sunny and warm! This meant that these creative discussions could take place in small groups on the lawn on the waterfront in perfect weather conditions (as can be seen in the pictures). The results were summarized in a joint last session, and after some further digestions by all the participants – and the OKC Steering Group –  I am certain that interesting results will emerge in one form or another when the OKC continues, now 3 years after the grant was first given from the Swedish Research Council (VR).

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