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A new interesting period for the OKC

Hello everybody in the OKC! Welcome back after a well-deserved vacation for most of you. For OKC this is a rather hectic period, as we have our mid-term evaluation requested from Vetenskaprådet (VR)  just starting. The International Advisory Board (Katie Freese, Bengt Gustafsson, Wolfgang Hillebrandt, Hugh Montgomery, John Peacock and Larus Thorlacius) will visit us August 29 - 30, and you have been informed by Serena about some of the events taking place.  The review process will take place during the … Continue Reading ››

Interview with Katherine Freese

Katherine Freese is in Stockholm these days since she will be receiving a prestigious Honorary doctorate at Stockholm University on Friday, the 28th September. I met with her in one of the offices at the Oskar Klein Centre in front of cup of coffee to talk a bit with this energetic woman, and try to grab her secrets.

What was you reaction when you heard you will receive this title?
Oh I was very happy, I think it is really an honor to get this. First when Lars told me I was a candidate, and then when I got it, I couldn’t believe it. It is going to be great tomorrow. I am a bit nervous, you know, because of the jet leg I am going to be so tired!