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Interview with Abram Krislock

Abram Krislock is a postdoc at the Oskar Klein Centre. He started working with Joakim Edsjö on Dark Matter just a couple of months ago. Let’s hear from him how things are going for him.

Hi Abram! how it’s going so far?
So far, everything is going great. I really like the office, and the other professors and researchers here are all very friendly and helpful. Living in Stockholm has so far been extremely fulfulling. I really like it here.

What brought you to Europe for a postdoc?
Before coming to the OKC, I had my undergrad studies in my hometown at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I did my PhD in Physics at Texas A&M University. I came to Europe for a postdoc partly because the competition for physics postdocs is very tough, partly because the US seems to be cutting a lot of funding for science in general. Also, it seems like physics beyond the Standard Model is getting a little more attention in Europe than in the states. It benefits my career to be in a place where many people are interested in my area of research. Continue reading Interview with Abram Krislock

Interview with Constanze Jahn: a PhD student visiting OKC

Costanze is a PhD student visiting the Oskar Klein Centre for a couple of months. I asked her to tell us a bit more about this experience.

where are you from? What brings you to Stockholm?
In Germany I am working at the ECAP, the Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics, which is part of the university of Erlangen. There I started my PhD in the H.E.S.S. Collaboration in 2009. During my PhD I also wanted to spend some time abroad and as I work in the area of Dark Matter search my supervisor suggested going to Stockholm, which is very prominent in this area. So last year in october, when the H.E.S.S. collaboration meeting took place here at the AlbaNova, I asked if it is possible to visit the OKC for a couple of months. Naturally the answer was yes and I started figuring out the dates and searching for a place to stay. Eventually I arrived here at the beginning of March and will stay until mid of July. Continue reading Interview with Constanze Jahn: a PhD student visiting OKC