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Gravitational waves finally detected

It seems that nearly exactly 100 years after their prediction by Albert Einstein, Gravitational Waves have finally been directly detected for the first time. Speakers of the LIGO experiment announced yesterday that they have witnessed the final stages of the inspiral and merger of a massive black hole binary system. This marks the beginning of a new type of astronomy with gravitational waves that allows to explore a so-far completely unknown side of the Universe.

Discovery of a black hole in Andromeda

The discovery of a black hole enjoying a feeding frenzy in our nearest neighbor galaxy, Andromeda, has provided new insights into a mysterious class of extreme astrophysical objects called “ultraluminous X-ray sources”. It isn’t unusual for material falling into a black hole to generate copious X-ray emission, but ultraluminous X-ray sources are so bright that they sometimes outshine their entire host galaxy in the X-ray band. Astronomers have spent years debating the nature of these enigmatic objects and two main scenarios have emerged. Either ultraluminous X-ray sources are unusually massive black … Continue Reading ››