Passerby become Supernova hunters in Kungsträdgården

Fysik i Kungsträdgården is one of the major outreach events in Stockholm where scientists have the chance to show their research (read more about the whole event in Fysikum blog). This year the supernova group at the OKC invited the public to look for supernovae with us using the intermediate Palomar (Transient) Factory (iPTF) collaboration telescope in Palomar, California, U.S.A (read more about the iPTF). Due to the time difference between Stockholm and California, we were able to look at live images as they were taken from the telescope, to search for new transient objects such as supernovae. The event was successful, bringing a lot of people from the park in central Stockholm to come and search with us. During this search, we found two supernovae of type Ia with the help of these volunteers, who shared their thoughts with us:

Passerby supernova hunter Manoj Bartakke (in the middle) with Emir (left) and Anders (right)
Passerby supernova hunter Manoj Bartakke (in the middle) with Emir (left) and Anders (right)

“Ahoy! In the midst of bachelor studies, it can sometimes be easy to forget what you are actually studying for, therefore I can only describe my experience of that day as awesome and invaluable. Everyone were very helpful and pedagogical in their explanations of how it all worked. I would rate my experience a 12/10 and I would love to have the chance of doing it again some time.” – Patrik Tegner

Supernova discovery Kungsträdgården
Passerby supernova hunter Patrik Tegner (in the middle) and the supernova group from left to right Tanja, Semeli, Raphael, Anders and Emir

“I was in the Kungsträdgården with my office colleague on 5th September, surfing through stalls from a science exhibition. I came across this ‘supernova’ stall. The two guys there (Emir Karamehmetoglu and Anders Nyholm) , gave us good information of universe and supernova. They also introduced with their research on supernova. It was really interesting and informative. For that duration, I was like in another world. In a practical conducted by them, I was also able to discover one of the new supernova, which they named as ‘iPTF15cpp’ . ( I felt very proud in my internal universe ☺ ). So it was a different and good experience for me.” – Manoj Bartakke

Tanja, Semeli and Emir

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