OKC leads in international publications at Stockholm University

Stockholm University (SU) is currently in the process of developing a strategy to support and encourage its continued internationalization. One way to quantify the internationalization of a group is by analyzing the number of publications with international co-authors that are produced by that group. An internal SU report, released in the spring of 2018, presents an analysis of international publications for various departments and research centers using data from 2012-2017.

With 96% of all its publications having at least one co-author with an affiliation outside of Sweden, the Oskar Klein Center has the highest percentage of international publications of all the SU departments and centers considered in the analysis. The most frequent affiliation of international co-authors for OKC publications is the United States. Three groups at SU have greater than 90% of their publications with international co-authors : the OKC, the Astronomy department, and NORDITA.

The OKC is also one of the top producers of “Highly Cited” papers (papers that are within the top 1% in number of citations for a given subfield in a given year as determined by the Web of Science) at SU. The only group with a higher ratio of “Highly Cited” papers compared to their total output is the Stockholm Environmental Institute.

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