New Steering Group and postdocs at the Oskar Klein Centre

This week, two major things have happened of importance for the future working of the Oskar Klein Centre. First, a new Steering Group of the Centre has been appointed by the Rektor of Stockholm University, Professor Kåre Bremer. The new Steering Group has 3 new members and consists of:

Lars Bergström (chair), Department of Physics, Stockholm University (SU)
Claes Fransson (vice chair), Department of Astronomy, SU
Christophe Clément (new member), Department of Physics, SU
Jan Conrad (new member), Department of Physics, SU
Ariel Goobar, Department of Physics, SU
Sten Hellman, Department of Physics, SU
Klas Hultqvist, Department of Physics, SU
Garrelt Mellema (new member), Department of Astronomy, SU
Mark Pearce, Department of Physics, Royal Institute of Technology
Göran Östlin, Department of Astronomy, SU

(In addition we have adjoined Christopher Savage as a representative of the OKC postdocs, and Serena Nobili, who  among many other things at the Centre also acts as secretary of the meetings of the Steering Group.)

We have also indicated to the Rektor that we want to appoint Sara Strandberg (the new lecturer in particle physics at the Department) as member of the Steering Group, but since she is at CERN until the end of the year we plan to ask to appoint her then (and at that time Sten Hellman would leave the Steering Group).

We heartly want to thank the previous members who now step down from the Steering Group: Joakim Edsjö, Kerstin Jon-And and Jesper Sollerman, for their unselfish and  useful work for the Oskar Klein Centre’s Steering Group. Of course, they are still very important members of the Oskar Klein Centre environment.

The second important thing for the Oskar Klein centre is that we finally have the list of the five who have accepted our postdoc offer:

Elena Moretti
Florian Kühnel
Oscar Stål
Rudy Gilmore
Emily Freeland

We are extremely happy to report such a compentent group of young researchers, and look foward to receiving them here in the autumn.




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