KTH Theoretical Particle Physics Joins the OKC

Welcome to the newest members of the Oskar Klein Centre : the KTH Theoretical Particle Physics Group!

The group conducts research in physics beyond the Standard Model, including neutrino physics, new dark matter particles, primordial black holes, and LHC phenomenology.

Group members include Tommy Ohlsson, Mattias Blennow, Florian Kühnel, Sofiane Boucenna, Stella Riad, Stefan Clementz, and Håkan Snellman.

The group is a part of the Department of Physics at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Their offices are on the 4th floor of AlbaNova.

A group of theoretical particle physicists standing on one of the walking bridges in the AlbaNova building.
The KTH Theoretical Particle Physics group.

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