Interview with Zhaoyu

Zhaoyu Yang is one of the OKC postdocs, working at both Fermi and Atlas experiments. It so happens that Zhaoyu also shares the office with me at the Elementary Particle Physics group, on the fourth floor, which is why it came natural to me to start by getting to know her better. With this interview we start a series featuring people working at OKC.

Can you tell us something about you? Where are you from? How did you end up in Sweden?
I am from China, born and raised in a small town in the lower reaches of the Yangtse River. I have spent many years studying in Beijing, 4-year undergraduate in Peking University and 5-year Ph.D program in the Institute of High Energy Physics. Before becoming a OKC postdoc fellow here in 2009, I had worked on the ATLAS experiment as a research associate in Carleton University, Canada.

What do you do at the OKC, and which projects are you involved in?
At the OKC, I am now working on two projects: the searches for dark matter with the Fermi-LAT, and the searches for supersymmetry(SUSY) with the ATLAS experiment. I am doing sort of interplay between the particle physics and the astroparticle physics, with dark matter as the medium. The Fermi-LAT is an imaging high-energy gamma-ray telescope, sensitive in a wide energy range from 20MeV to more than 300GeV. I collaborate with Alessandro Cuoco, Gabrijela Zaharijas and Jan Conrad to search for dark matter in the galactic halo using the Fermi-LAT diffuse gamma-ray measurements. Meanwhile I am interested in discovering and measuring the properties of the supersymmetric dark matter candidate directly on the collider. That’s exactly what I have been working on with the ATLAS experiment for many years. LHC started collisions soon after I joined the OKC, so I am now having lots of funs to play with the fresh data and seriously search for supersymmetry in an unprecedented energy region. We have a well-equipped SUSY team here led by Christophe Clement. Together with Joakim Edjso, Johan Lundberg and Giacomo Polesello we just started the joint searches for dark matter with ATLAS and other various direct and indirect searches.

What you think is the best (and the worse) of living in Stockholm?
Stockholm is very nice and I do enjoy living here. I have had two fantastic sailing trips organized by bub people (particle physics on the 4th floor). I have been impressed by the archipelago views!
Unfortunately when moving to Stockholm, I have had some stress to look for apartments which is far more difficult than I imagined. I am really bad at learning languages, so I cannot read the local newspapers and even any announcements in the metro. Fortunately I can ask and talk to almost everyone in English!

I love chinese food, would you suggest any chinese restaurant in Stockholm?
I am not aware of any specific Chinese restaurants, but I have been to quite a few Asian restaurants, sometimes for a workshop dinner, or just for the OKC Friday dinners (any official name for it?), like the Moon Cake, the Malaysian.

How do you say thank you in chinese?
Xie Xie!

Xie xie Zhaoyu!

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