Dr. Garrelt Mellema elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

A picture of Garrelt Mellema smiling.
Garrelt Mellema. Photo: Stockholm University

Dr. Garrelt Mellema, Professor of Astronomy at Stockholm University, has been elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences as a Swedish member in the class for astronomy and space science. Members of the Academy of Sciences are chosen for their outstanding research contributions. Dr. Mellema’s research seeks to understand how light from the first stars and galaxies spread through the early Universe and ionized the gas it contained.

Garrelt says, “I feel honoured and am very excited to join the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and to participate in their activities.”

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences is an organization dedicated to promoting the sciences and strengthening their influence in society. The Academy maintains 450 members from Swedish institutions and 175 members from institutions outside Sweden.  Academy members’ expertise spans the range of natural and social sciences.

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