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An ATLAS art installation at AlbaNova

Since early Autumn the ATLAS Art Installation is on the first floor of Stockholm House of Science at AlbaNova.
“In ATLAS we have made rather artistic animations of particle physics. In addition an artist has made the mural painting at CERN on one of the ATLAS buildings. The ATLAS events have also been rather artistic and made it to the many magazines and newspapers. I think that is why the installation is called the ATLAS Art Installation. I prefer to call it the People of ATLAS, as it is very much about the ATLAS people.” says Erik Johansson, professor at the Oskar Klein Centre.

The installation is composed of four video projectors showing different aspects of the ATLAS Experiment at the CERN LHC. “it shows that the people of ATLAS have a lot of other interests than physics. And we are not dressed in white laboratory clothes. We sing and play and climb mountains and many other things – as most people.”
Erik Johansson has been involved as the co-coordinator of ATLAS Education and Outreach group at the time, and he is also responsible to bring it here to Stockholm and House of Science. Continue reading An ATLAS art installation at AlbaNova