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New Wallenberg grant to OKC’s Jan Conrad

The Knut & Alice Wallenberg Foundation released yesterday the list of this year’s recipients of funding for research projects with very high potential. We were very happy to see that on this list appears Jan Conrad with the project “Discovering Dark Matter Particles in the Laboratory”, with a grant of SEK 28 883 000 (around 3 MEUR) for five years.

Katie Freese receives big VR grant!

The members of the Oskar Klein Centre had just noticed with satisfaction that we could keep the VR Linnaeus grant at the same level (increased by 10% in 2010) the second half of the grant period (until 2018), when even more exciting news reached us. First, our valued member of the International Advisory Board, Katie Freese from Michigan University, was announced as the new Director of Nordita, which is located in the neighbouring building to OKC. [caption id="attachment_2026" align="alignright" width="218" caption="Katie Freese, New Director of Nordita and recipient … Continue Reading ››

Sara Strandberg new member of the Swedish Young Academy

Congratulations to Sara Strandberg, member of the OKC Steering Group, who has just been elected into the Swedish Young Academy (SYA). SYA is a cross-disciplinary forum for young researchers. Although independent from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the creation of SYA has been encouraged by it. SYA has already made its voice heard in several important issues for young scientists, not the least concerning a sustainable academic career system.  
Sara Strandberg
At the start of SYA in … Continue Reading ››

Another interesting and very successful year of the Oskar Klein Centre

As the year 2013 is now nearing its end, it is time to recapitulate the main events of the year from the OKC perspective. If I temporarily put on my Nobel hat (being the scientific secretary of the Nobel Committee for Physics) the main event from the Stockholm horizon is without doubt the Nobel Prize to Francois Englert and Peter Higgs for their almost 50-year old prediction from the early 1960’s that was so spectacularly confirmed by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN’s LHC accelerator last year.

A new interesting period for the OKC

Hello everybody in the OKC! Welcome back after a well-deserved vacation for most of you. For OKC this is a rather hectic period, as we have our mid-term evaluation requested from Vetenskaprådet (VR)  just starting. The International Advisory Board (Katie Freese, Bengt Gustafsson, Wolfgang Hillebrandt, Hugh Montgomery, John Peacock and Larus Thorlacius) will visit us August 29 - 30, and you have been informed by Serena about some of the events taking place.  The review process will take place during the … Continue Reading ››

Planck data released

Today some of the Oskar Klein Centre's researchers were viewing the webcast from the data realease of the Planck satellite.
Planck webcast
OKC researchers digesting the new Planck data.
The Planck data is a very impressive set, which will be used extensively in cosmological analyses for many years to come. It will take time to digest all the information in the 29 scientific papers that were also put online today, on Planck Published Papers. It seems the major features … Continue Reading ››

Happy ending for 2012!

Hello all OKC-related people, It is time to summarize the year 2012 for the Oskar Klein Centre. We will soon reach midterm (after 5 years, end of June 2013), and soon thereafter there will be an international review of all the Linneaus centres of 2008 conducted by Vetenskapsrådet. At this review, the scientific performance will be the top priority. We received earlier today very good results for the bibliometry of OKC, as assembled by Stockholm University's (SU's) bibliometrist, Per Ahlgren. In fact, OKC is by quite a large margin top-ranked at SU … Continue Reading ››

Some OKC-related news

There have been quite a few positive news about OKC-related activities recently. First, our member of the OKC International Advisory Board, Katie Freese from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, has been given a degree, an honorary doctorate ("doctor honoris causa"), at the Faculty of Science here at Stockholm University.
Katherine Freese
Besides working in our IAB, Katie Freese has also been working scientifically with members of OKC, Chris Savage and Joakim Edsjö. Our congratulations to her … Continue Reading ››

New Steering Group and postdocs at the Oskar Klein Centre

This week, two major things have happened of importance for the future working of the Oskar Klein Centre. First, a new Steering Group of the Centre has been appointed by the Rektor of Stockholm University, Professor Kåre Bremer. The new Steering Group has 3 new members and consists of: Lars Bergström (chair), Department of Physics, Stockholm University (SU) Claes Fransson (vice chair), Department of Astronomy, SU Christophe Clément (new member), Department of Physics, SU Jan Conrad (new member), Department of Physics, SU Ariel Goobar, Department of Physics, SU Sten Hellman, Department of Physics, SU Klas Hultqvist, Department of Physics, SU Garrelt Mellema (new member), Department … Continue Reading ››