A new interesting period for the OKC

Hello everybody in the OKC!
Welcome back after a well-deserved vacation for most of you. For OKC this is a rather hectic period, as we have our mid-term evaluation requested from Vetenskaprådet (VR)  just starting. The International Advisory Board (Katie Freese, Bengt Gustafsson, Wolfgang Hillebrandt, Hugh Montgomery, John Peacock and Larus Thorlacius) will visit us August 29 – 30, and you have been informed by Serena about some of the events taking place. 

The review process will take place during the autumn, with a face-to-face meeting during a site visit January 30, 2014. The IAB has promised to act as a “mock panel”, so that we get feedback before submitting our self-evaluation with deadline September 1. When the verdict of the review comes, sometime during spring, we will know whether our Linnaeus Centre OKC gets increased funding (by up to 20 %), decreased funding (by up to the same amount), or a constant budget. It is a zero-sum game between the 20 Linnaeus Centre that received grants in 2008, so if we win some others have to lose, and vice versa. Quite exciting, in other words!

During this last summer we had a very much appreciated summer school for graduate students, the International School of AstroParticle Physics (ISAPP2013), with 53 participants from 17 different countries. We also had a dozen very good lecturers (see the homepage of the school, where you find slides of all of them.) In the evaluation by the participants we got a remarkably good grade for the overall satisfaction with the school (around 9.4 on the average on a 10-grade scale), which made us very happy (besides Joakim Edsjö and me, also our OKC postdoc Abram Krislock was taking full part in the organization).
Photo: J. Edsjö.

You may find this and other pictures in the gallery on the home page of the school.

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