The 7th TeV Particle Astrophysics conference in Stockholm

The Oskar Klein Centre will host the 7th TeV Particle Astrophysics conference at the Albanova Centre in Stockholm August 1-5, 2011.

The fields of high energy astrophysics, particle astrophysics and particle physics at colliders are dealing with some of the most pressing subjects in modern physics, in trying to understand the nature of dark matter and the origin of cosmic rays.

The scientific program includes gamma rays, neutrinos, charged cosmic rays, cosmic rays above the knee, direct dark-matter searches, distribution of dark matter, and particle physics.

Invited speakers will present and discuss the status of different experiments including AMS, the latest PAMELA results, an overview of the Air Cherenkov Telescope, recent results from the LHC, recent results from neutrino telescopes, recent results from Fermi, direct detection of dark matter, AUGER, overview of recent results from ultra-high energy gamma ray experiments, cosmic ray acceleration and sources, distribution of dark matter (observations and simulations), and dark matter in light of recent cosmic ray data.

The complexity of the questions and the increasing number of experiments, make it necessary to interpret the whole suite of experimentally available data consistently. TeVPA 2011 will provide this opportunity as a place where the consistency of experimental results can be checked and possible interpretations can be discussed among both experimentalists and theorists.

Already 91 people are registered, but there is still time for early registration until June 30, or late registration until July 20. More information can be found at this page: TeV conference 2011

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