The 13th Marcel Grossmann Meeting at AlbaNova

Einstein with his friend and mathematical collaborator Marcel Grossmann.
This week Stockholm University and AlbaNova are hosting the 13th Marcel Grossmann Meeting. The triennial Grossmann meetings are organized by the ICRANet research institute, this year with Stockholm University and KTH as local partners.

The general theme of the Grossmann meetings is applications and theory relating to Einstein’s general relativity.

The meeting has a broad spectrum with 20 parallel sessions devoted to theory and experiments/observations including quantum aspects of gravity, precision tests of general relativity, relativistic astrophysics, cosmology and astroparticle physics.

There will also be two special lectures on Saturday about the latest discovery of the Higgs(-like) particle by Chiara Mariotti from CMS and Domizia Orestano from ATLAS.

At the inauguration of the conference, the traditional Marcel Grossmann award was given to the AlbaNova University Center “for its innovative status as a joint institute established by Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology and for fostering contributions to cosmology and astrophysics in the profound scientific tradition established by Oskar Klein. “ Three individual awards were also given, one to David Arnett, one jointly to Vladimir Belinski and Isaak M. Khalatnikov and the third one to Filippo Frontera.

The conference includes many sessions, both plenary and parallel ones and several people from The Oskar Klein Centre are involved. Ariel Goobar gave a plenary talk on supernova cosmology on Wednesday. Ariel also co-chaired a parallel session on that topic with Jesper Sollerman. Felix Ryde and Fawad Hassan are co-chairing parallel sessions on GRBs and modified gravity on Friday.

During the conference, a replica in scale 1:4 of the Planck satellite is on show in the rotunda at the main entrance of AlbaNova.

– Prof. Kjell Rosquist

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