Interview with Sheng Yang

I’m from a small town named Honghu, which is located in the central part of China. In Chinese, ‘hu' means lake, so my hometown is famous because of a beautiful lake and is named after it. I did my masters degree at the Beijing Normal University, and my PhD at the University of Padova, including a year and a half at UC Davis. After that, I did a one year postdoc at the Observatory of Padova, INAF, and then I moved to Stockholm.

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A cold dawn for the first stars

This morning, as I was walking from Tekniska Högskolan metro station to AlbaNova through the Siberian cold which has hit Stockholm, I was thinking about even colder temperatures than the -15 C that I felt on my skin. Did you know that the temperature of Universe was only 3 Kelvin (-270 C) when the first stars were born?! At least that’s what the authors of an article published in ’Nature’ this week claim to have measured and until proven differently they might well be right… Having worked on the … Continue Reading ››

Cosmology, astrophysics, astroparticle physics