Computational Physics
FK8029. 15 credits.


This course focuses on the application of numerical methods to physical problem from different sub-fields of physics. It trains the ability to transform a physical problem to a suitable form for numerical treatment, as well as the ability to analyze the calculated result. The course will further strengthen your ability to write efficient larger codes by using existing program libraries. The course is designed for the master program in Computational Physics, but is open also for other students. It should be noted, however, that the course builds on earlier courses in the Master's programme , especially on Numerical Methods II. The course is given in English.

Course period

Spring 2019 weeks 13 - 23. After this, the course will next be taught Spring 2020



Required prior courses

Apart from the Master's programme eligibility requirements you need the material covered by the following courses: Programming and computing for physicists, Numerical Methods for Physicists II, Mathematical Methods in Physics.

Teaching forms

Lectures, seminars with hand in problems/projects and oral presentations by the students. The course is given in english.


Oral and written reports on projects.

Current information

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Eva Lindroth , tel: 08 5537 8616, e-mail:

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Eva Lindroth
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