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Hiranya Peiris receives Fred Hoyle Medal and Prize

The Institute of Physics (UK) has decided to select Professor Hiranya Peiris as Award Winner of 2018 Fred Hoyle Medal and Prize. The Institute of Physics Awards 'aim to build and reinforce a sense of community by recognising and rewarding excellence in individuals and teams who have made a contribution to physics in the UK and Ireland’. The Fred Hoyle Prize is given ‘for distinguished contributions to astrophysics, gravitational physics or cosmology’.
Prof. Hiranya Peiris
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Antimatter spectroscopy

First measurements of the line-shape of the 1s-2s in the antihydrogen atom are reported in a paper published in Nature, by the ALPHA collaboration, where Fysikum is a partner. The line shape agrees with ordinary hydrogen to a relative precision of 2x10-12, and thus puts an upper limit to the possible violation of matter-antimatter symmetries.
Photo © CERN
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